28 March 2011

Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say

My life just like one great movie. The problem is no matter how great a movie may be, after the show, everybody leaves.Forget about the sentence cause it's not gonna be that way lol.I'm here to write something else.Moving to the point.This time's post it not meant to be proud of myself.it's just sort of answering something asked by some friends just to make themselves clear which makes myself wonder why did they ask that.

I like to throw my thoughts in English be it writing or speaking.Reason? No reason haha.Figure it out yourself.I wasn't born to speak English from the first place of course.My parent never taught me to speak English at home.In fact, I speak kelantanese with them.The thing is, my friends keep asking me how did I get such a (good?) English when I speak or write.Natural talent? is there such thing? I can't deny that I'm flattered whenever they tell me that I can speak English quite fluently and pretty good at writing.I take it as a compliment though I know I'm far from perfect.Obviously, there are bunch of people out there who can do way better from me.Native speakers are exception of course lol.

21 March 2011

Mental Sickness

Salam 1Malaysia.what a lame greeting.HAHA.
Being youthful teaches me lots of things be it sugary or filled with bitterness.That's my own business to deal with.Out of anyone concern,in fact.At this age,you or even myself started to have passion or interest in certain things.You name it and the list goes on and on.I know this is not a good introduction for an entry but I can't find any other words to write haha.But this is not what I'm gonna talk about.it's rather lame to talk about this kind of thing,seriously.

You know what,let's talk about something else.Something rather insignificant in life yet some people take it too seriously or partially serious.I'm not a huge fan of politics.In fact,there's nothing more I hate than politics in my whole life.truth be told,I'm suck at any political updates revolves around this universe.But some people loves to keep amend themselves with the current situation.please don't get me wrong,I don't mind if you wanna catch up with all those things.If you find it as a must do stuff in your life,keep doing it then.I really don't mind.

10 March 2011

Definition of..

a friend asks:
how do you define best friend?

this is my answer:
well for me best friend is someone who is true in front and stay true behind us regardless the situation.honestly,it's no easy to see someone's sincerity when it comes to friendship.the closest to us might be the worst among all.

09 March 2011


Pernah keluar shopping tanpa planning tak?okay perkara ini berlaku kepada aku dan kawan kawan (Abe dan Anip).Sangat random.mula-mula aku dan Abe keluar breakfast kat pantai dalam since kelas sejam je hari ni then we started to lost.lepas makan dah tak tahu nak buat apa.Then abe ajak pergi karaoke.terus setuju dan memilih tempat yang sesuai serta menyeronokkan.yeah that was the first plan after breakfast.

since rasa macam tak seronok keluar berdua then kitorang decide nak ajak Anip join sekali.Minah ni on je apabila diajak keluar tambahan lagi dengan adanya driver yang tak berbayar ni (mata ke atas tangan ke bahu) HAHA.pergi pick up anip depan library.rasa macam nak pergi OU so tanya la anip dia taw tak jalan nak pergi sana.malang sekali dia buta geografi haha.so decide pergi sunway on the spot.plan karaoke melayang ditiup angin.

nak pergi shopping tapi anip lupa bawak purse tapi oleh kerana elaun yang aku dapat ni memang untuk aku kasi pinjam dekat orang (mata ke atas,tangan ke bahu) so kasi dia dia pinjam duit sikit.sampai je sunway terus lost sebab langsung tak plan nak datang sana.sumpah tak tahu nak buat apa.just jalan then nampak starbucks.lepak minum dekat starbucks around sejam sambil makan donut giant berharga RM 2.99 hahaha then terus gerak masuk kedai kasut sebab anip nak beli kasut.entah bila la dia plan nak beli kasut nieh.heran betul.

08 March 2011

Play Pretend

Let's face it,I can't write,in a good manner, when it comes to BM.it sucks and will turn out being an offensive writing.Give me an issue then I'll turn it into a storm.But this time around I will just write a brief post.Yes update kali ini bakal diisi dengan kutukan kepada seseorang.someone..unnamed.