28 March 2011

Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say

My life just like one great movie. The problem is no matter how great a movie may be, after the show, everybody leaves.Forget about the sentence cause it's not gonna be that way lol.I'm here to write something else.Moving to the point.This time's post it not meant to be proud of myself.it's just sort of answering something asked by some friends just to make themselves clear which makes myself wonder why did they ask that.

I like to throw my thoughts in English be it writing or speaking.Reason? No reason haha.Figure it out yourself.I wasn't born to speak English from the first place of course.My parent never taught me to speak English at home.In fact, I speak kelantanese with them.The thing is, my friends keep asking me how did I get such a (good?) English when I speak or write.Natural talent? is there such thing? I can't deny that I'm flattered whenever they tell me that I can speak English quite fluently and pretty good at writing.I take it as a compliment though I know I'm far from perfect.Obviously, there are bunch of people out there who can do way better from me.Native speakers are exception of course lol.

This scenario happened since I was in high school.Honestly, I couldn't give them any answer whenever they asked about this.Sometimes I had to lie to them just to make sure they get my answer then I regret for telling them that.sigh.I wish they never asked me such thing,really. cause they can just ask some other friends who have better English than mine.far better to be exact.That happened back in school years and I thought it ended there.period.but..

I'm still being thrown with this unanswerable question in college!The exact question.haihh tak dapat tuan hamba menjawabnya.apakan daya tuan hamba untuk menjawab soalan sedemikian rupa.Please don't say I'm good in English cause I know I'm not.You can see it through my writing.rambling here and there.I can't even write any catchy sentences like everybody else.This blog is intended to practice my English actually.that's the initial intention of creating it.Seriously,I find no other way to practice it except through writing.Speaking?you bet! I speak Malay with my friends and proud heh.

anyways,if you insist to know how did I get this not so good English,now let me tell you okay?how I do it.I'm not even sure whether it's working or not lol. I just do it on my own.my own dialogue etc..

1. I think in English most of the time.I don't know when I started to think that way but I'm comfortable with it.

2.I speak English with myself.funny isn't it? well that's the way I am.no one can stop it heh.

3.If you ask me whether I love reading or not then the answer is a big no no. yeah I do read some novels and books but for me it couldn't help much in improvising my English.well different person has different styles of polishing up their English but reading is not my way.Instead of reading, I practice my English by browsing through dictionary.I like looking up for new words but I can't remember all the words for sure.still it helps me a lot.

4.the next thing I do is whenever watch English movies, I don't familiarize myself to download the subtitles but I just listen to the dialogues attentively instead and I speak the way they speak.kill two birds with one stone.you're just not only learning the language but you can learn the accent as well.if I hit any cinemas, I don't really look at the subtitles cause it will just make me losing my focus while watching the movies.I go there to watch movies not the subtitles.hey the sound system in the theater is superb enough to make yourself listen to every words uttered clearly so why bother looking at the subtitles?

This is my way.they way I learn it.what's yours?you can find any other way of learning English as long as you're comfortable with it.screw what people say if the hear you utter your words in English.you can't shut their mouth.it's a way of practice right? so yeah I can't find any other words to say anymore cause I don't store enough vocab in my head haha.so long!

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