08 March 2011

Play Pretend

Let's face it,I can't write,in a good manner, when it comes to BM.it sucks and will turn out being an offensive writing.Give me an issue then I'll turn it into a storm.But this time around I will just write a brief post.Yes update kali ini bakal diisi dengan kutukan kepada seseorang.someone..unnamed.

Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to lie to myself and try to like you?
I've been intending to write about this for a long time.Due to laziness and piles of works being tossed non stop so I had to keep it safe in the draft first.Moving on to the point now.this is about someone.an unnamed who I loathe from the first time I knew him.I've been playing pretend in your face this time long.Don't get fooled by me.I'm good at being plastic.I can pretend that I like your stupid jokes which people will barely laugh of.HAHA.Obviously you will look like a dumb if no one laughs to your jokes.isn't it?so due to my courtesy I was willing to do that.But that was before.The moment when I haven't kicked you out from my friendship box.

If anyone asks me who you are.I will never say that you're my friend cos you're really not.I'm not gonna lie to them.My answer is simple.I'll tell them that you're my friend's friend but not mine.Sorry my friendship stock is full.No space provided to an asshole like you. I can no longer pretend that I'm your friend.You'll remain a john doe to me.Face it.

Whatever.I'm out of words to explain any further.Knowing this person just ended with the middle finger pointed at the unnamed... someone.Stay out of my life otherwise I'll turn your life into living hell before you really rot in real hell.Try me.

perangai macam gampang.aku tak ada masa nak hadap muka orang macam kau.

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