21 April 2011


Sorry for a long hiatus.the last post was a drafted one actually.being kept safe until the right moment came to post that entry.been busy with ASSignments.yeah yeah I know I'm a future teacher but lecturers gave us assignments as if I'm gonna be a future writer. I was lifeless and completely became a social retard for weeks. I had no entertainments for myself.anyways,all those assignments have been trashed well haha.

I don't really have much to say here.I mean, I don't really have a focus subject to write about.Just write so that my blog will seems alive and not haunted lol.How bout this time I put some random things about myself.not completely random.I'll just write anything that comes across my mind now.now means while I'm writing this.can do that meh? I'm the most random person you would have ever known so sure enough I can haha.

a list of random stuff will be written in numbers so that it will look real random heh.

1) endless problem
money $$$.this problem is an endless one.I'm no longer a filthy rich dude.have I ever become rich before?nay! lol.but yeah,I'm totally broke now.no more shopping,starbucks or any fancy restaurants.nah hambek mung.boroh ngak.makang la nasi bujang dekat amjal tuh sampai muntah hahaha.

2) jambu
how would you feel if you're given this kind of name by your friends? yup,I was addressed using this name by some friends in this place. I don't really mind about it cos I don't take this name as a harassment or whatever you might call it haha. I see it differently.different as in being 'jambu' is an asset actually hahaha.well at least you have something that people can recognize you right?lmao.

3) fashion
a refreshed passion.I've become a fashion fan since then but this time I've become more passionate. a trendsetter.I've changed my hairstyle as well.it hasn't changed much but people can see the different, at least.I have trimmed the right side of hair short and the other side is kept long untrimmed.bizarre much? screw what people say cos I believe that in the name of fashion you can appear or wear anything you want as long you're comfortable with it.period.

4) pick your best
in friendship, you tend to find friends who have mutual interests with you be it hobbies,favorite movies, foods etc.it's undeniably true.so people can't say that you're boastful if you don't let them to be in your social circle.everyone has their own choice.even I myself have friends of my own choice.there's nothing wrong if you're being selective in friendship cos friends come and go but only the true ones will stay.get me?

5) just speak it
this is about how you speak and what language you use to communicate with others.you can only have two options; malay and english.as for me,sometimes I find it easier to express my thoughts and opinions in english.it depends on the situation of course.what situation.think about it of yourself heh.anyways,the point is,just speak any language you want as long as you feel comfortable with it and yeah whatever. just make sure you're not mute haha.

that's all I have for now.dude that's why it's called random.there's nothing specific okay? till then, goodbye.have a good day ahead.adieu.

don't ask why i put this picture


  1. True enough !!!!

    I agree with you Syariff!!!

    Be the way you are, and keep moving my friend...

    Smile always.....

    Your life is in your hand........