18 May 2011

Of Friendship

as much as your friends will make you go wtf,there's no denial that we'll be a little less rich without them

Friendship problem is an endless problem.I'm sure everyone will nod their head when I utter these words or some may not.perhaps some of you never faced any ugly situations in friendship? that's out of my stuff to think of but i believe that is part of life.being around people called friends taught me something that I won't erase from my thought till the end of time.as a normal human being I myself cannot avoid from facing problems in my friendship.the bitterness of it is always there.that's the taste which I had to swallow,unwillingly.

I have encountered so many problems amongst my friends.some of them were just because of stupid stuffs.and some of the problems happened because of my own mistakes or perhaps most of them.to be honest, having an issue with a friend is the last thing I would wish to have but what can I do.I can't run away from it.maybe it is the rule of friendship.but if i was asked about a thing that i have learned from friendship after tasting the sweetness and the bitterness of it,one word would come across my mind...expectation.a word which determine the value of a friendship.

02 May 2011

Pierced Heartpiece

My heart is a lonely soul.I am emotionally ill.I only find crying is the best thing that I can do to soothe this sore heart piece but I realize it won't solve anything.sometimes I feel that I have no friends at all.maybe I'm just a whore with a sensitive spirit.who cares about what I feel.

People keeps telling me that I'm a good listener as well as a good motivator though suck in practicing.this is who I am. I too need  a shoulder that I can cry on.you may see that I'm easy going,loud or anything.you name it.truth be told, I'm just a lonely whore whose no one wanna be friend with.keep pretending be my friends.I don't fucking care cos I know I'm still gonna be alone when the time comes.I believe that all men will die alone after all.I may not know when the time is yet I'm very sure of it.after realizing this,now I'm isolating myself from people all around me.I'm just gonna live in my own world;dictate it with a full power and authority.