18 May 2011

Of Friendship

as much as your friends will make you go wtf,there's no denial that we'll be a little less rich without them

Friendship problem is an endless problem.I'm sure everyone will nod their head when I utter these words or some may not.perhaps some of you never faced any ugly situations in friendship? that's out of my stuff to think of but i believe that is part of life.being around people called friends taught me something that I won't erase from my thought till the end of time.as a normal human being I myself cannot avoid from facing problems in my friendship.the bitterness of it is always there.that's the taste which I had to swallow,unwillingly.

I have encountered so many problems amongst my friends.some of them were just because of stupid stuffs.and some of the problems happened because of my own mistakes or perhaps most of them.to be honest, having an issue with a friend is the last thing I would wish to have but what can I do.I can't run away from it.maybe it is the rule of friendship.but if i was asked about a thing that i have learned from friendship after tasting the sweetness and the bitterness of it,one word would come across my mind...expectation.a word which determine the value of a friendship.

why did i say expectation? because,having too much expectations have led me to the ugliness of friendship.i learned that i can't expect anything from it.as a person or to be exact, a human being there's no denial that i expect to get the same thing after what i did to my friends.but i was wrong cause i realized i cannot expect anything after all.and it is totally unfair for them to be hoped for that kind of thing.at the end of day, i'm the one who will suffer the pain.sometimes i feel that i'm over sensitive and easily get emotional just because of a small matter.definitely,it was because of putting too much expectation in my friendship.but now the lesson learnt.

from this moment,what will i do is i'll be nice to everyone and to stop giving any expectation.i will go through the flow.nonetheless,i feel grateful to be given a chance to get to know so many wonderful friends which can accept who i am.without them,i'm just a lonely soul.i will cherish this friendship till my last breath.


  1. lets hv gud frenship dude ! B)

  2. dont worry much about them...just focus on your life my friend..........dont be so depressed okay..I will be always wuth you my friend

  3. cherish the loved ones around you....u will be alright.....