02 May 2011

Pierced Heartpiece

My heart is a lonely soul.I am emotionally ill.I only find crying is the best thing that I can do to soothe this sore heart piece but I realize it won't solve anything.sometimes I feel that I have no friends at all.maybe I'm just a whore with a sensitive spirit.who cares about what I feel.

People keeps telling me that I'm a good listener as well as a good motivator though suck in practicing.this is who I am. I too need  a shoulder that I can cry on.you may see that I'm easy going,loud or anything.you name it.truth be told, I'm just a lonely whore whose no one wanna be friend with.keep pretending be my friends.I don't fucking care cos I know I'm still gonna be alone when the time comes.I believe that all men will die alone after all.I may not know when the time is yet I'm very sure of it.after realizing this,now I'm isolating myself from people all around me.I'm just gonna live in my own world;dictate it with a full power and authority.

Yet I'm far better known as a loner.no I'm not.I'm just feeling lonely.too bad no one ever comes to fill the blank chamber of my heart.being lonely is not bad after all.I get my own time to reflect my past life.both sweet and bitter.brooding over does help me to fix all the things that can be modified and perfected.I'm the engineer of my own heart.I just need all the right tools to adorn it to be a breathtaking piece.not for others to see me as a perfect guy but for myself as a human being.I don't need to impress people with all the perfections without flaws cause it won't stay long.we ain't immortal.nothing lasts forever in this universe.

There no point of talking anymore.I'm still gonna be alone after all.that's the ugly truth that I need to swallow.hurtful yet truthful.it's not worth living around people that only come and go.piercing the hurtful scars which won't ever fade.

Let me be with own solitary life.


  1. taw tu.I know you'll always be by my side.friends yg I meant here is somewhere yg dekat sini.miss ya btw.miss talking to u ;(

  2. syarif, what happened to you? be patient...its is easy to find friends, but true friends are hard to find..do not feel lonely...fill your life with moments of happiness...

    I will be there for you my friend...be happy and stay cool as always..i do understand you, as I am going through the same thing like you.....

    Smile always okay..you look good when you do that...take care