12 June 2011

Violent Desire Tamed

It's funny when some people or someone thought that my entries are pointed to that particular person.what a fool.get a life you moron!let me tell you something, you're not worth to be the subject of conversation.cut the crap.oh yeah an update.finally! Seriously, if there's anyone to blame, blame Twitter for me being idle in Blogger. It's like everything ever crossed, Twitter been a dump site for me to throw. Now let's back to the playground where I used to say like a give-no-fuck guy.

Remember i used to write how I started burning the cancer stick months ago? never mind you ain't give a fuck about it.no big deal.but this time I'll tell you how I stop.Stop as in no more stick of bogus burning.no more smoke coming out from mouth.get it? tell you,it's not easy where you still have bunch of friends who still smoke.what I meant here is the environment.I don't mind if they wanna smoke in front of me but it was kinda hard to resist the violent desire.my heart says no yet my mind says otherwise.