03 July 2011

Sickening Attitude

Try not to be prejudiced against what i will say now and read it without comparing these words with your thoughts.I have no idea what i'm talking about.i can't even give the title for this post.i have something to say but i can't seem to find the right words to pen down here.i tried to scrabble my thought to transform it into words yet i failed.well i think this entry will be a short one since i don't have my to say (i guess).

i have been wanting to write about this for a long time.long time as in few months ago hehe.it's quite an issue.not issue like having a conflict or crisis with someone.it's just an issue within myself or perhaps you might realize it once you read further.should i get straight away to the subject or keep twisting my tongue here?haha.right i will tell you what i'm gonna say here.it is about someone's attitude.but don't get me wrong someone here means everyone which includes myself.i bet all of us human beings own this kind of attitude.it's either shown or hidden.sorry i don't have the right term to say about it lol.it's actually about being selfish.that's it.

i think it's a human's nature.i mean everyone possesses this attitude.i know it's not something good to adopt.typically saying,no one's perfect,right?living among people with different backgrounds,life's histories,personality,you name it had taught me something.a lesson that i would never get rid from my mind.as a novice speaker, i'm writing this not to judge anyone let alone to condemn.i just write based on expression not on impression.

there is a few reasons why someone's being dick.i mean selfish.it could be for his/her own good.no one knows that.what i'm trying to say here is not all people being selfish just because they are selfish yet somehow  they have their own reasons that I obviously can't tell.but if you happen to know someone who's a total selfish bastard then you should give him/her a lesson.lol kidding.i know you will hate those who are being selfish towards you and never seem to appreciate what you had done to them.i used to be in this situation where your emotions start to have conflict with each other whenever you start thinking about the person did to you cause of his/her selfishness.

i know we can't stand this sick attitude.i gotta say that you'll likely to ban this person in your life.i don't know.every people with different stories and i don't care.i don't think you or anyone will be able to change this kind of person if  he/she doesn't want to.however,if you tried to make this person to change his sick attitude but he/she still can never change at all then just stop wasting your time. Because that's him! That's her! So, let it be. If you still wanna befriend with, then fabricate your perseverance.

The one that will befriend or get close with to him/her is someone that is willing to accept his/her flaws. Someone that understands about nonexistence of perfection in human nature. My last words, never lose a friend that willing to get into trouble-shit-some for you.


  1. i will never wana lose u as my fren. hehe :P

  2. aww this is lovely.i won't lose u as well hehe