25 October 2011

The Comeback

If internet dusts existed, this blog will be surely covered in a blanket of it. sorry for a long break people.for the past few weeks or maybe months, my life was revolving around marathons of assignments and piles of works to do. so yeah, I'm back to blogging.if some of you happened to notice, I actually had privatized my blog recently for some reason which I dare not tell.

If you ask me whether I miss blogging or not I would definitely say yes. I miss writing some random thoughts of mine which I know I'm the only one who reads it heh. the reason why I'm back on track is I've been thinking too much lately particularly about my own life (obviously) so I thought why don't I just put the thoughts into words. it's better that way. by doing so, it will distress myself in a way. 

to recall what has been happening to my life, I would say it hasn't been treating me well I guess. too many problems to face yet too little solutions found.  I'm not whining, just telling you what I feel.anyways, actually I'm intending to post about something else and apparently not about my life's updates which I find it lame to share with.I think that can come later.just wanna let people know that I'm back.

so yeah, I guess this is my comeback on the world of no truth. one thing for sure, I'm not writing to find enemies but to express. goodbye and have a nice day!

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