11 November 2011

Coming to an End

my first year of undergraduate studies is coming to an end.hooray! unfortunately I can't say that I'm relieved because I have to work my ass off for finals this week.four papers in total.four extreme papers! I just finished with the first paper.something to do with educational psychology which is the least favorite subjects of all.in fact, I don't even like any subjects that I learn for this semester.

not liking the subjects doesn't mean that I don't have to work hard to score well in the exam. I work really hard this time just to make sure that I can obtain good grades and improve my cgpa. I was really disappointed with my last semester's result. I was willing to sacrifice my hari raya celebration with my whole family at kampung and decided to stay home during the whole holiday alone just to do the revision.shit I was really sad because I couldn't celebrate with them though people consider this raya is not like eid-ul-fitr.it is less merrier but hey who doesn't wanna spend the holiday with his or her family right?anyway that's not really my point here.I mean talking about hari raya stuff and all.

I really hope my hard work will be paid off. that's it. that's my only hope now.I'm sure every parents want to see their kids to be successful.mine is not an exception. my dad especially gives pretty much high expectation in my academic achievement and for sure I don't wanna let him down. I know that I'm not a smart guy but I believe that success is achieved by an ordinary man who works extraordinary hard. I can only work hard yet the outcome is in the God's hand.

this is another brief update of mine.throwing my thoughts into words. though I don't really believe in luck in exam but I really appreciate those who wished me that in my exam especially my good friends. I will always say my little prayer for my own success and my friends.

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