30 December 2011

The Momentum of Life

I don't know why I put such title for the entry so don't bother asking neither question yourself. there's something wrong with me yet I'm unable to explain. Often, I ask myself what is really going with me but no answer surfaces.at least  not any reasonable answers. One thing I can assure you is I'm not going crazy heh.Is this the effect of overthinking? Maybe.I should do some reading on this.

The thing is I'm not depressed or at least I feel that I'm not. I'm just tired of this life because it's so fucked up but I have no intention of ending it yet.it's too precious.silly huh.Do I need help? like seeing a psychiatrist or a counselor to solve this confusion? or can I just solve it myself.Too many questions here yet I'm the only who can answer them.

truth is, I've been thinking a lot about my future.worrying that it won't happen as I want it to be.sometimes I don't even know what I really want in this life.like right now I'm studying English that I would soon find myself being a (teacher?). I don't hate it but I find it strange or rather unfitting.sigh.the unfathomable future.this is what I meant here.of what being going on with me.

honestly, I have nothing to talk about but I just feel like writing because I feel lonely.that is why I end up scribbling some stupid things here.goodbye!

08 December 2011

The Ups and Downs

2011 is coming to an end will be leaving the human races when 2012 come knocking into their life soon. If we counted, it's less than a month left! Many things had happened to me throughout this year. good and bad but I'm blessed to be alive though. pretty sure people won't get away with problems in their life.true isn't it? If I were to recall everything happened to my life, this column won't fit my writing.

Anyways, I'm here to write things that were going on with me for the past few months. things that keep me alive, that make me learn from my wrongdoings and of course things that changed my perspective of life which I would say will permanently change my life. 2011 me has taught me the meaning of life,really. it's the year where my life really begins,literally. it teaches me to move on whenever I'm done trying to fix it because it's beyond mend.