30 December 2011

The Momentum of Life

I don't know why I put such title for the entry so don't bother asking neither question yourself. there's something wrong with me yet I'm unable to explain. Often, I ask myself what is really going with me but no answer surfaces.at least  not any reasonable answers. One thing I can assure you is I'm not going crazy heh.Is this the effect of overthinking? Maybe.I should do some reading on this.

The thing is I'm not depressed or at least I feel that I'm not. I'm just tired of this life because it's so fucked up but I have no intention of ending it yet.it's too precious.silly huh.Do I need help? like seeing a psychiatrist or a counselor to solve this confusion? or can I just solve it myself.Too many questions here yet I'm the only who can answer them.

truth is, I've been thinking a lot about my future.worrying that it won't happen as I want it to be.sometimes I don't even know what I really want in this life.like right now I'm studying English that I would soon find myself being a (teacher?). I don't hate it but I find it strange or rather unfitting.sigh.the unfathomable future.this is what I meant here.of what being going on with me.

honestly, I have nothing to talk about but I just feel like writing because I feel lonely.that is why I end up scribbling some stupid things here.goodbye!

1 comment:

  1. pudin, if you need someone to talk with
    you know im all ears for you.
    just tell me okay, dont stress out yourself kay,,.
    take care;)