08 December 2011

The Ups and Downs

2011 is coming to an end will be leaving the human races when 2012 come knocking into their life soon. If we counted, it's less than a month left! Many things had happened to me throughout this year. good and bad but I'm blessed to be alive though. pretty sure people won't get away with problems in their life.true isn't it? If I were to recall everything happened to my life, this column won't fit my writing.

Anyways, I'm here to write things that were going on with me for the past few months. things that keep me alive, that make me learn from my wrongdoings and of course things that changed my perspective of life which I would say will permanently change my life. 2011 me has taught me the meaning of life,really. it's the year where my life really begins,literally. it teaches me to move on whenever I'm done trying to fix it because it's beyond mend.

so first thing first, life in college.I know this is the hottest topic on my blog. At college, I tried many new things,met new people, not to mention screwed up with some people. I admit, some of them were my fault and I've already asked for forgiveness but some people are just too proud to admit theirs. what can I do about it? nothing! they are just waiting for me to screw up again then, boom! they'll drop the bomb to attack me on every aspects of my life. so what do I do? I keep distance with most people and only stick with whom I trust who will not see my weakness as their biggest advantage.

I'm not bluffing, now I prefer to be alone most of the time.let just say, it's because I choose not to be dragged down to the level of people who would do anything to damage me.keeping a gap with people makes my life better.well at least I don't have to deal with silly things and some bastards out there. I've had enough. I had hard times in high school then.I don't wanna make college a nightmare too. What's left for me if only miserable things happen to my life.I'm not questioning God's fate but I believe I deserve to have a good life like any others even once! ah I don't have to bring up the past to live present yet the past shall make me stronger and not otherwise.enough said.

I think that's enough. I ain't wanna crap any longer.One thing I'd like people to know is no one has the right to question my life.let alone how to live it.get your own life lah sial! just let me live all by myself because the only thing I need to do is care about my own feeling because I'm sure in the end I'll die alone. I'm my own best friend now.finding out who I am and trying not to be afraid of it.

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