18 February 2012

Stranded in the Wrong Room

You're living in a sea of people yet you always feel like you're like a stranger.never to be noticed or being given attention. you're no one to them. and most of the time you hate yourself. I have a daring confession to make here. It's about living in a place that you can never fit with bunch of people that you can never get along with. if you were in my place you'll know how it feels. I realize I have a lot of haters in this horrible place just because I'm being myself.

I may act like I don't give a shit but honestly, I feel scared. I feel scared because I'm all alone here. truth is I'm still looking for people that I can truly fit with. yeah I know I have very cool housemates and they are really awesome. by fit means those who at least have a few things in common with me.whom probably I can really trust so I can share every single thing with them. so far I find none which leaves me feeling vulnerable filled with loopholes in my heart. even worse when you wake up every morning knowing that you have to face some people that you loathe and really hope they rot in hell.