22 April 2012

Questioning Humanity

I’ve been feeling pretty disillusioned lately. I feel like it’s rare to find people who are compassionate, sympathetic or selfless. It feels like it’s the exact opposite. People expect everything and will give you barely anything in return.
I try my best to remain optimistic. I know there are good people out there, they’re just difficult to find. Trying to do the right thing even if it’s at my personal expense comes naturally to me, I guess I always figured that for everyone it was the same. I honestly feel the world would function so much more smoothly if people just stopped focusing solely on themselves.

21 April 2012

It Lies Beneath The Ground

It's been a while since last I posted something here, and honestly I missed writing. I did promise myself to at least write once a month but it doesn't seem to happen though. Finding the right moment to write is never easy lately as my life revolves around endless marathon of assignments and other workloads that never seem to lessen. anyway, the wait is over now.here I am back to writing making it as conversation escape.

I keep thinking what should I write in this entry and I think I've got something going on in my mind.it's about me for sure and will always be about myself. funny when I look back at my previous entries, most of 'em sounds very depressing.I don't know why.maybe I'm just a depressed guy? ugh I feel fucked up saying this for no reason.now I'm gonna lash out what's been happening with my depressing adult life.I'm 21 so I am an adult and proud LOL.