19 August 2012

Eid Mubarak 2012

When I browsed through my old posts I realised that I didn't write anything on hari raya last year. So I think I'm gonna scribble something about it this year. It's basically the same every year. You know, waking up early,preparing myself for hari raya prayer and asking for forgiveness from everyone you know and stuff.

One thing I realise about hari raya is no matter how old I am, I still have the excitement to celebrate the day with my family and relatives. It's the only chance for some of us to meet and talk as everyone is busy with their works etc. As I grow older, I try to grab this opportunity to say my forgiveness to everyone around me for all my wrongdoings, mistakes, ignorance and my imperfection. Sometimes I might not realise that I've offended or hurt someone's feeling so guess this is the best day to apologise and neutralise my sins with the people around me. Hari raya is a day where we including myself purify our soul and ceremonialise it with joy and excitement.

I would like to wish everyone happy Eid Mubarak and maaf zahir batin. I would to apologise for all my wrongdoings and everything I've done that might have hurt them either intentionally or unintentionally. I hope no one would hold a grudge against me anymore. Have a blast on this blissful month of shawwal.

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