05 October 2013

Ignorance is [Not] Bliss

To claim that I'm observant is rather a white lie but being in sea people, you tend to observe the pattern of their behaviors and attitude. Bet people do the same thing to me but it doesn't matter though. To observe does not necessarily mean to judge. That is a wrong notion to cultivate but rather you should observe the nuance of the social circle that you throw yourself into. Dad often says to be wise in choosing your acquaintances. He seems to resent people who struggle or do not even think to improve themselves in whatever things that need to be improved hence he doesn't allow his children to mingle with such people. I don't know whether or not I should agree with him because I myself am not good enough in almost everything especially academic career. So can I say that I'm struggling to improve myself? I'll ponder about that later.

Let's steer back to the actual subject; observing social circle. I fancy knowledgeable people because they would sound smart and intelligent when they utter their words. I mean everything sounds profound when they speak and they can even support whatever things they say with solid proof. Obviously, these kind of homo sapiens read a lot ergo they are capable of doing that. That's amuses me, really. But it's a sad world when sometimes people don't seem to appreciate the knowledge that they (the knowledgeable) are trying to share his or her thoughts but they get mocked instead. Perhaps those people would rather enjoy small talks and immature silly jokes than occupying their mental capacity with useful information and stuff. I don't know. I don't wanna judge nor say anything. Or maybe I'm just stereotyping. I could be wrong.

Let me recall a little bit of my experience. I'm not gonna self proclaim that I am knowledgeable because I'm no Einstein (?) but I read stuff sometimes. When I find some thought provoking stuff say, interesting scientific research or psychological study and stuff, I tend to spill some interesting stuff that I thought worth to be shared with some people. Well, when I talk about this I sort of expect they would listen but sadly they make fun of it instead. I don't know, maybe  the way I deliver my thoughts was not good enough or they never bother to listen. I don't know, really. Nonetheless, they should realise it actually reflects their own self when they did that hence would somehow project who they are in future, in a way. I don't want to brand them with anything but I personally think they should realise this themselves. I'm in no power to change anyone. Even Ustaz Abdullah Khairi once said you don't need to change others but you need to change yourself instead.

So if people think that being ignorant is cool, they should probably double check themselves. I wish I could be a knowledgeable person and make myself sounds really smart when I speak haha.

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