07 October 2013


So everybody was literally racing their fingers on the keyboard to sign up for their preferable school for 3 months practicum teaching next year. It's like 3 months away but I suppose everyone gotta abide the regulation. I don't know what can I really say about this. I mean the thought of going to school for three months really overwhelms me. Let's talk cliche: it's gonna be a whole new environment, new people, new issues and stuff. To be honest I really hate it. I never like going to school. I'd rather sit and listen to lectures for hours. I thought been a student teacher for about four and a half years already has got me attached to this field of study but apparently the passion has yet to be catapulted. 

So yeah there's no point of whining and ranting as I gotta do what I gotta do. As much as I prefer to keep my social life and student life separated, I'm sure as hell to get the best from both worlds. It has become part of me now though I certainly am looking forward to getting out of the system as soon as I can. It's a mess, honestly. Goodbye. 

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