15 November 2013

Foreseeing Future

The sixth semester of third year's degree is finally over which leaves another year to strife and survive. I didn't feel particularly exuberant nor excited after the last paper. There was nothing unusual about it. Anyway, next year will be my final year in college (yay!) after a marathon of malingering yet I am still able to pursue till the end and I look forward to never seeing some people again (this doesn't sound right) but let's face it I'm not friends with everyone in college. I cultivate selective social circle (this term pretty much doesn't exist). So final year soon and what shall I do next? I won't instantly get a job right after college. Will probably need to attend a series of interviews (I'm inescapably bound to unfathomable future). Having said that, I'm attracted to one particular Koran's verse which says: 

He has created everything in a particular proportion and has determined the measures for its capabilities and potentialities (25:2)

I ought to ponder the fragmented future yet in no power to question what shall be fated. After all, everything happens for a reason. I once questioned a religious scholar if everything happens for a reason, to certain extent why am I left ignorant about it? Why it keeps me wondering about it? I can't specifically recall what he told me but he basically said some things are better left unanswered. I was intermidated and perplexed by the answer until I began peering through some books to enlighten this deserted mind and finally understood what he really meant for what he said merely lightened my mind. This happened last year, by the way. Nevertheless, grieve not, verily Allah is with us (9:40). Never complain. Embrace the perquisite of being Muslim instead. (I'm not the right person to preach about religion). 

Anyway, I'll be spending one month and a half at home. Aside from working, I will occupy myself with books (brought home a few) and entertain myself with research papers (preparation for action research). To surreptitiously gather some candescent and useful ideas of what I shall execute next year. I just do not want to waste my time doing nothing, really. I'll be busy with my sister's wedding, too. I'm fond of keeping myself busy. On the different side of the note, it's been a great year in college. Been through so many incredible things (alone, most of the time). Maybe I'm just aloof or maybe detachment is in my nature. Either way, I indulge it well. 
Detachment from the Dunya is not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you.

"It is an honor for a person to keep aloof from strife, but every fool will quarrel"

I don't need to illuminate further. Have a pleasant holiday to my student teacher friends. See you guys next year (god this is perky). 

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