03 December 2013

The Semester Break

A lot has been going on throughout the first 3 weeks of the holiday. One of them was sister's and brother's wedding. Yeah, the reception was held on the same day. I had to be busy with it since I was required to run errands and stuff which sometimes I reluctantly did. The week was hectic. I had to be practically home most of the time. The wedding went well and now people been anticipating my turn (I'm aware that I'm next) which God knows when. I can never tell. I'd just end up giving an awkward grin every time somebody asks about it. I don't wanna lie nor give false expectation so silent is gold. Why would people even bother to know, anyway? Anyway, I'm happy for both my brother and sister. I welcome the extended family with heartfelt (still awkward though).

I'm concurrently reading two books of different genres (fiction and self-discovery[?]). Just finished Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in The Rain. A narration from a dog's point of view named Enzo. Lent from a very good friend of mine. It is a really intriguing story as I've never read such a story told from an animal's point of view even though it's merely a work of fiction. So I shifted the reading preference to something different this time. As I read through, it feels as if a human narrating the tale yet it's actually a dog's observation of the surrounding. You will subtly notice that it's told from a dog's perspective. So I thought, if only animal could talk, you can exchange interactions besides gestures which are rather limited to human's understanding at times. Besides, you can make them your best friends if you are sick of dealing with humans. As for another book I'm currently reading, it's about seeking the light of the life through Islam's point of view or perspective consisting of five volumes altogether (I'm currently on the final volume). It's actually a gift from my new brother in law which worth a hefty amount of money. I appreciate the gift nevertheless so thanks to him. 

I've been going out at night a lot lately. By at night I mean really late at night. With friends and cousins. We don't do anything much besides going out for a drink, futsal in between the occasion and talking most of the time (young lads stuff). Since I rarely spend time in kampung so this is actually a good time for some catching up and stuff. Aside from reading, I don't do anything much at home anyway. So going out and talk is an escape. We don't go anywhere far. We just sit at the gazebo in front of the house and exchange stories till dawn. So that's basically the cycle of my life this holiday. It's rather unhealthy but I'm young and free. As long as I don't do drugs parents aren't really concerned about it. They know I won't. I'm having a good time so far. This activity will keep going until I return to Kuala Lumpur. 

I'll be 23 years old in one month time. I guess it's time to get more serious in life. I can't wait to graduate. 

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